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发展计划  Our Developing
We are building a new factory in YiYang,HuNan province now and the facorty name is YiYang Brightpcb Co.,Ltd. The total investment amounted to USD96 million(RMB600,000,000)and the total factory area is 600 thousands square meters.
The new factory will be built in two constructions. For the 1st construction, we will invest USD32 million(RMB200,000,000)and the facorty area is 20 thousands square meters.It will be finished and will produce in 2015.We will invest USD64 million(rmb400,000,000)in 2nd construction and the factory area is about 40 thousands squre meters.The 2nd constuciton will be finished in 2016.The main products will cover HDI,special requirement/material PCBs,multilayer PCBs for this new factory.We will have 2500 employees and the annual turnover will be USD320 million.