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Shenzhen MingZhengHong electronic co., LTD
Date of establishment: in September 2003
Plant area: 20000 square meters
The registered capital: RMB 50, 000000
Factory number: 600-700
Capacity: 45000 square meters/month
Annual turnover: RMB 380 million
Brightpcb is the CQC, TS16949/ISO14000 and UL certified PCBs manufacturer whom was established in 2003 located in Shajing Shenzhen city, near the Shenzhen airport, is specializes in manufacturing of Multi- layer printed circuit boards.Our 35,000 square meters production area contains  400 staff members.
The products include single-, double-sided, multilayer, high frequency,carbon ink coating,copper-, or aluminum-based PCBs  in Shenzhen Factory. Most of our products used in the area of automotive electronics, power supplies, LED lighting, computer periphery and security system. Based on our experience  we do we can meet all your special requirement such as HASL, Immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, OSP, Gold finger plating or carbon ink coating. We have our own automatic ENIG production lines which the monthly  production capability is 350,000/sq M and can meet your thickness gold board and special requirement. Our ENIG produce and quality are the leader in the PCB industry. 
Hunan borui sen electronics co., LTD. (Single, false, article LED lights)
Date of establishment: in June 2003
Plant area: 10000 square meters
Registered capital: RMB 35, 000000
Factory number: 300-350
Capacity: 100000 square meters/month
Annual turnover: RMB 360 million
In order to meet our customers and market requirement, we built a single board factory in YiYang, HuNan province in 2006 and the company named ‘’YiYang BoRuiSen Electronics Co., Ltd.’’ The products include single- ,simple double-sided and Al-based PCBs and the production area is 50,000 square meters monthly.The LED lighting PCBs is our mainly productions.
We has a large number of professional Technical elite, first-class Management team with Excellent quality, more variety and large quantities to meet the development requirement of domestic and international electronics manufactuers.Our production process is 85% automatic, thus, your order will be completed quickly and accurately. Over 100 QC technicians assure that each unit we produce will perform to your highest expectations. 
Yiyang MingZhengHong electronics co., LTD(In 2016 and put into production)
Date of establishment: in September 2013
Plant area: 60000 square meters
The registered capital of RMB 600 million
Factory number: 2500
Capacity: 150000 square meters/month
We are now building a new factory named ”YiYang Brightpcb Co., Ltd” in HuNan province and the 1st factory will produce at the begining of  2017. The main products will cover High frequency,FPC,Rigid and FPC, special requirement/material PCBs, and multilayer PCBs for this new factory and the production area is 150,000 square meter monthly. We will have 2500 employees and the annual turnover will be  USD320 million.
MingZhengHong electronics has been implementing lean production, factory production to draining, to inventory, reduce the storage quantity of each process and speed up the production of liquidity, shorten the production cycle. Constantly improve themselves, to meet customer demand.
We believe that with your support, we will do better!